4 Reasons to Combine Your Exterior Remodeling Projects

Golden, CO

Have you been thinking about your next exterior home improvement project? Are there maybe even several projects you have been thinking about tackling? Then you should consider combining them into one bigger project and getting them all done at the same time.

Top Reasons to Combine Exterior Remodeling Projects

You might hesitate to spend that much money at once. That is definitely understandable but before you decide to just get one project done at a time, you should consider the benefits of combing your exterior remodeling projects. Keep in mind that there are financing options available to you.

For example, you might need new siding but you have also been thinking about adding insulation. The insulation would make it easier to control the temperature in your home and make it more energy efficient. When you are having your siding replaced it is the ideal time to add insulation underneath.

The same goes for replacing your windows. New windows can drastically improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Having them replaced at the same time as your siding makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons.

There are some definite benefits to combining your exterior remodeling projects, like replacing your siding, installing new windows and insulation, or painting the exterior of your home. Here are four major benefits of tackling all these projects at the same time, as one big project instead of several smaller ones:

1. Saving money

Even though the upfront cost of combining your remodeling projects will be higher than one single project you will still save money overall. You will not have to hire several contractors to come at different times.

It might also make the work go more quickly if the various projects complement each other, saving time and thus money. Additionally, material costs often rise from one year to the next. Therefore, when you complete the projects sooner than later, you will likely save on material costs.

Furthermore, when you replace the siding and windows of your home and maybe even add insulation under the siding, you make it more energy efficient. This will quickly become apparent in your utility bills and save you money.

2. Best fit

A huge benefit of combining your projects is the fact that everything can be fitted best that way. When replacing windows and siding at the same time, for example, they can be made to fit perfectly so that they provide the best seal.

A contractor who provides all the services you need will be able to measure everything precisely. They will also know how to install everything correctly and so it functions best. This will give you the best end result and provide the highest energy efficiency.

3. One and done

If you combine the smaller projects into one big one you can get it all done at once. You will not have to hire contractors again later. Additionally, there will only be workers at your home during one stretch of time instead of spread out over a longer period.

After one project is completed, you might feel tired of having contractors in your space. That might lead to a longer time period between projects. If you combine everything and have it all done at once, you will not have to worry about that. You will just be able to enjoy your updated home.

4. Complete picture

When everything gets taken care of all at once it is easier to create a complete picture. Everything can be made to match and look best together. That way it can look beautiful and new at the same time and then age nicely together as well.

Furthermore, the end result will be most noticeable if you finish one big project instead of several small ones. The curb appeal of your home will be drastically increased all at once when you combine the various projects and will leave your home looking beautiful.

Your One Contractor Who Can Do It All

There is no need to look for several contractors. When you hire our team from Colorado Siding Repair, we can do it all! We are your trusted siding guide as well as your trusted guide when it comes to installing insulation and windows.

Additionally, we are one of the few siding contractors in the area that also paints the exterior of your home. If your siding gets damaged and can be partially replaced, we are happy to do so. After the partial replacement of your siding, we can paint the rest of the home to match and look beautiful as a whole.

Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. That means that our team members are factory trained and follow all best practices and specifications. For you this means the correct installation of this superior siding.

We are here for you! Let us know if you have any questions about siding or any other exterior home remodeling project. We will guide you to find the products that are right for you, your home, and your budget. We do also offer financing options.

Our team members will guide you along the way but will never use high pressure sale tactics. Instead, we always take the educational approach. That way you have all necessary facts to make an informed decision.

Contact Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote and to get started on your next exterior home improvement project. Your home is sure to look beautiful when we are finished!

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