4 Reasons Winter is Ideal to Replace Your Siding

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4 Reasons Winter is Ideal to Replace Your Siding

Don’t procrastinate on your home improvement goals for 2020! It might be winter right now but here in Denver, Colorado we never let the weather stop us. In fact, the weather conditions, the housing market, and the time of year, right now, are all ideal to get your siding replaced on your Denver home. Here are our reasons why NOW is the ideal time to replace the siding on your Colorado home:

1. Colder Months Offer Great Conditions

Colorado Siding RepairWe all envision that spring and summer ideal to replace your siding. The weather is more predictable and the sun is shining most of the time. Here on the Front Range in Colorado, we have plenty of sunshine and the weather is still warm many of our winter days.

While our crews make sure to take plenty of precautions, working through the “colder” months is no problem. Many of our technicians prefer working during the winter months because they take fewer water breaks and the heat is not an issue. That’s why we LOVE Colorado!

2. Your Price Could Be Lower

January and February are still considered our off-season so you might be able to get your job done at a lower price than in the high season. Since Colorado is such a temperate state our high season starts to ramp up in March. Our project pipeline inevitably fills up and your project start date could be up to 6 weeks from signing.

Signing a contract to get your siding done in the winter months could save you 15% or more on your project price compared to high season pricing. Our crews work through the winter anyways and contractors are eager to keep their crews busy and happy.

3. Your Project Completion Could Be Shorter

Just as we mentioned that January and February are considered to be our low season, our project start times are quicker during this time of year. We can get the project started quicker after signing since our pipeline isn’t backed up like it typically is during the high season.

The weather is more conducive for our crews to keep working and as we mentioned many of our technicians like working in the cooler temperatures. Your winter project probably will take less time to complete from signing the contract to the final walk-through. Get your project done and get on with your life!

4. Our Siding Products are Weather Resistant

The number one product we will recommend for siding replacement for your home is James Hardie Fiber Cement. This product is the top of the line and will withstand adverse weather with a lifetime warranty of 30 years.

Even if we complete a partial replacement and need to match the existing siding, we only recommend the best products – LP SmartSide and other top of the line materials. You are in good hands with Colorado Siding Repair. We can walk you through all the options and offer the best solution for your home.

Get your Denver home siding project started today by calling Colorado Siding Repair to request an appointment today.

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