5 Amazing Mountain Homes Completed by Colorado Siding Repair

James Hardie, Fiber Cement Siding

5 Amazing Mountain Homes Completed by Colorado Siding Repair

We live in a truly beautiful state with the Colorado Rocky Mountains as a defining feature. Being this close to nature also makes its mark on the architecture of the homes around. There are some stunning mountain homes to be found in Colorado. 

Colorado Siding Repair is proud to have worked on a number of these homes. With a mountain home it is always important to honor the style and design of the home as well as its surroundings.

When the siding needs to be replaced there are a few options to match it to the surrounding nature. Wood siding always looks great but it does need a lot of maintenance. Additionally, wood is more susceptible to fire damage and pests. 

There are some wonderful alternatives to wood siding that look just as good but require almost no maintenance and are fire resistant. The one we recommend most is James Hardie fiber cement siding. It offers wonderful results, looks amazing, and can be combined with other materials to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

We want to give you some inspiration if your mountain home has siding that needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some mountain home siding projects Colorado Siding Repair has completed.

1. Conifer Mountain Home

This beautiful home in the forest around Conifer was built in the late 1970s and had old T1-11 siding that was outdated and needed to be replaced. The owners had a variety of options to update their home. Our team from Colorado Siding Repair guided them while choosing and then installed beautiful new siding.

The new siding is James Hardie ColorPlus® lap siding in Aged Pewter with Artic White trim. The color combination looks fantastic, especially with the added design element of James Hardie ColorPlus® staggered shake elements in Cobblestone. 

To round out the entire look we painted the rest of the house with Sherwin-Williams Duration paint. That way, the entire exterior of the home looks flawless and seamless. The finished house looks truly unique and beautiful and the homeowners will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

James Hardie, Fiber Cement Siding
James Hardie, Fiber Cement Siding

2. Morrison Home Transformation

The second project we want to highlight is a mountain home in Morrison. This house had original cedar siding from 1981 that needed a full replacement. It was very important to the homeowners to have siding that could withstand the varying Colorado climate, especially as the house is in the mountains.

The siding that was perfect for this was James Hardie ColorPlus® fiber cement siding. The owners picked the siding color Night Grey with Iron Grey trim on the entire house. As a design feature we added Versetta Stone in the Sterling pattern. This creates a wonderful look in combination with the blue metal roof.

This beautiful blue mountain home will look great for many years to come, without needing the kind of maintenance the cedar wood siding had previously required.

Cedar to James Hardie
Cedar to James Hardie

3. Evergreen Full Siding Replacement

The cedar siding on this home in Evergreen had aged poorly and was peeling, cracking and swelling. Even though the house was only built in 1994, it was time to replace the old siding. The homeowners had wonderful design ideas and dreams that we helped them realize.

The team from Colorado Siding Repair installed engineered wood siding in a 1 x 8 channel lap siding with a 7-inch reveal. This siding has a tongue and groove design that looks wonderful. For a rustic look, we then painted the home with Sherwin-Williams Duration paint in Pennywise. 

To round out the look, we also painted the decks and replaced the lighting fixtures. After the project was completed, the whole home looked transformed in the best way possible.

Evergreen Home

4. Cedar to WoodTone James Hardie in Morrison

We completed another James Hardie mountain home project in Morrison. This house had aging, deteriorating cedar siding. To stick with the look of wood we installed James Hardie and Woodtone RusticSeries™ siding, which offers the beautiful look of wood but with none if its disadvantages. 

This siding will be able to stand up to the Rocky Mountain weather. Now the home has lasting siding that needs next to no maintenance and looks stunning. Fiber cement siding is a great investment that one will be able to enjoy for many years.


5. Evergreen Siding Replacement

The last project on a mountain home we want to show you was on a home in Evergreen using James Hardie’s HardiePlank®. The old cedar siding on the house was rotting and as a result had water intrusion issues. 

The entire siding, trim, soffits and fascia had to be removed. We then wrapped the house with HardieWrap® before installing James Hardie HardiePlank® 7’’ lap siding and HardieTrim®. To finish off the look, the homeowner selected Timber Bark from the James Hardie ColorPlus® Statement Collection. 

Not only does the mountain home look wonderful with the new siding and trim, it will also need far less maintenance. The new siding will last a long time and comes with a great warranty.

Siding Denver, James Hardie

Your Trusted Siding Guide Can Help

Our team from Colorado Siding Repair is happy to look at your mountain home and help you determine if it needs new siding and what the best options would be. We can walk you through the whole process and work with your design ideas as well as your budget.

We are a James Hardie Elite Preferred siding company, which means we know the products well and know how to install them right. It is great siding that will reduce the amount of maintenance needed drastically, especially if your home currently has wood siding.

Let us help you with all your exterior home needs. Call Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free, no pressure quote!

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