5 Reasons We Like to Install Siding During Fall and Winter

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5 Reasons We Like to Install Siding During Fall & Winter

When you think about having your siding replaced you may not necessarily think to schedule it for fall and winter. But the colder months are actually a great time to replace siding. We at Colorado Siding Repair love siding projects during the fall and winter months!

As we have mentioned previously, there are several reasons why winter is ideal to replace your siding. We like to keep our crews busy over the colder months but there are also some good reasons for you to consider having your siding replaced now and not wait till the spring or summer.

1. Weather Conditions

Colorado has great weather year-round. Even during the colder months, we see plenty of sunshine in this beautiful state. This means that we can replace siding throughout the entire year, no matter what month it is.

Spring and summer have higher temperatures but we see a large amount of sunny days during fall and winter as well. Temperatures can be ideal to work outside during the cooler months and some of our crew members and technicians prefer winter days over the heat of summer.

We take all necessary precautions to work in the cooler weather and keep our team safe. As an added bonus, our team does not need to worry about landscaping as much. Since most of the vegetation is dead during the winter months anyway, you will not have to worry about your grass or other plants. That being said, of course they will treat everything with abundant care.

2. Added Protection for Your Home

New siding can do a lot for your home in terms of protection. Old and failing siding can cause moisture to leak through which can lead to damage to the substrate. Old siding does not protect your home from the elements and harsh weather like new siding will.

The siding we recommend most is James Hardie fiber cement siding. This premium product withstands harsh weather extremely well and looks beautiful. It comes with a 30-year product and 15-year finish warranty, which means you will not have to think about it again for a long time.

When you decide to replace your siding, it makes sense to consider adding some additional protection. We can also install insulation and new windows to add more layers of protection and make your home more energy efficient. This is an investment that would quickly show significant savings in your utility bills.

One of the services we offer but most other siding companies do not, is siding repair or partial siding replacement. If your siding is damaged in parts but does not need to be replaced completely, we can do that to. The sooner it gets fixed, the better.

We will honestly evaluate the condition your siding is in to determine whether or not partial replacement might be an option for you. It could save you thousands of dollars. We will do what is right for you and your home instead of just trying to make a sale.

No matter if we only replace parts of your siding or all of it, you will be able to rest assured that your home will be better protected over the winter. Avoid future damage because of failing siding and have it replaced now.

3. Potentially Lower Prices

The winter months, especially January and February, are less busy for us. If you decide to have your siding replaced during those months, you might be able to get a better rate than during the busier months of the year.

You could save up to 15% on your project which should be a significant amount of money. Really, it is a win-win situation, since contractors like us can keep their teams busy throughout the winter and you get necessary work done for a reduced price.

4. Shorter Project Completion Times

When you have your siding replaced during the winter you can usually expect shorter completion times as well. During the busier months of the year you might have to wait several weeks to have a crew come out to replace your siding.

Since fall and especially winter are less busy for our team you will see much quicker project start times. We will most likely have fewer projects in the queue and more team members to work on your siding replacement. For you, this means that your project will be completed quicker. You are also more likely to be able to pick an installation time that is most convenient for you.

5. Increase Your Home’s Value

New siding drastically increases your home’s value. A well-maintained home with new siding makes it more attractive to potential buyers and will leave a very favorable first impression.

Additionally, new siding looks beautiful and improves the curb appeal of your home significantly. There is a huge variety of options when it comes to style, texture and color of new siding, especially with fiber cement siding. You can really get creative and make your home look unique.

Colorado Siding Repair is Ready to Help

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have about siding replacement and increasing the energy efficiency of your home. We are a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor and know this premium product well.

No matter which siding you pick or when you decide to have it installed, we are here to help. We will guide you through the entire process of picking the siding that is best for you, your home and your budget.

We are ready for your next project! Call Colorado Siding Repair today and get your siding replacement scheduled for this fall or winter.

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