7 Major Siding Styles to Choose From

Siding Styles

7 Major Siding Styles to Choose From

When it comes to siding and siding styles you have a huge variety of choices. This variety is great but can also seem overwhelming. That is why we want to break it down for you and go over some of your options.

There are seven major siding styles you can choose from. All of the styles will give your home a distinctive look. The different siding styles are a great way to express your personal style and make your home look unique.

1. Shake Siding

The style is also referred to as “shake shingle” style or shingle-style siding. This classic style can be seen on a huge variety of houses, anything from seaside cottages to Colorado homes. The shake shingles are more rustic-looking and are installed staggered. The “perfect” shingles are more clean-looking and are installed straight. Both are great looks, depending on what your preference is.

This style is great as an accent, for example combined with lap-siding. Shake siding can be made out of almost any material, including James Hardie fiber cement. It lends itself very well to highlight architectural elements of you home.

Shake Siding

2. Board & Batten

The Board & Batten siding gives your home the traditional farm house look. For this classic look wide boards are installed vertically and narrow strips, or battens, are added over the seams. This results in a beautiful, stylish, clean-looking siding.

This style can be used on your whole home or as an accent on parts of your home. It can be combined with lap-style fiber cement siding or other siding of your choice. There are many variations possible with Boards & Batten style siding.

3. Lap Siding

Lap siding is a very popular style choice. In this style long boards overlap each other horizontally, creating a clean, traditional look. It is very easy to highlight design features on the exterior of your home with this style. 

The Lap Siding style can be created with a variety of materials, from wood and vinyl to James Hardie fiber cement. It will give your home a great curb appeal and a classic look.

4. Dutch Lap Siding

This siding style is similar to the traditional lap siding. Dutch Lap siding also has horizontal planks but with a slightly concave face and a notch at the bottom of each plank. The notch creates a shadow on the course below, which gives this style a distinct look.

The Dutch Lap siding style can be achieved with a number of different materials, including vinyl and fiber cement. This classic style is very versatile and comes in a variety of colors and will give your home a beautiful, traditional look.

5. Beaded Lap Siding

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Beaded siding is another style with horizontal boards. What makes this style different is the shadow line that is created between the face of the panel and the rounded bead. A shadow line runs along the bottom of the panel, which is often called a ‘V’ groove. 

This style has a long history of use and has been popular for many years. That is why most manufactures make this style of siding. It can be made in different thicknesses, textures and colors.

Beaded Lap Siding

6. Alternating Exposures Lap Siding

Lap siding can be installed with alternating exposures, meaning different width of exposure of the boards. This creates a beautiful design that looks very contemporary. In this style one lap has a bigger margin and one a smaller margin, which are then alternated during the installation. You can create a variety of different patterns with this style. 

This modern aesthetic can be achieved with James Hardie fiber cement, for example. The alternating exposures lap siding will give your home a fresh, new and unique look with a great design.

James Hardie, Fiber Cement Siding

7. T1 - 11 Siding

T1-11 siding is made out of compressed engineered wood, such as plywood. This wood is installed in vertical sheets to create a siding. This style was very popular between the 1960’s and 80’s and is still frequently used today. 

It is a versatile building material that has some advantages, like its transformability. However, other siding options are longer-lasting and easier to maintain. T1-11 fails more easily than other siding materials, is prone to water damage and requires a lot of maintenance, since it is wood.

Siding Styles

Different Siding Styles from Colorado Siding Repair

No matter which siding style you choose, we are here for you! Colorado Siding Repair is your trusted siding guide and we will be delighted to help you with every aspect of your siding project. We can guide you through the whole process, from picking what is right for you, your home and you budget to financing your dream home exterior. 

The team from Colorado Siding Repair has many years’ experience installing different styles of siding, from different manufactures. We are a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor and have the ability to install this beautiful siding right and make it look great.

In addition to installing siding, we also install soffit, facia and trim. Furthermore, we are one of the few siding companies that paint the exterior of your home to match the new siding. With us, you are guaranteed to have a home exterior that looks wonderful as a whole.

New siding will dramatically increase your home’s value. If it was damaged due to weather, we can also do partial replacements, if possible. We provide a complete service that you can trust.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to siding and its different styles. Let us know if you need help with your next siding project. Do not hesitate and call us today!

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