Aspyre By James Hardie

James Hardie Aspyre Collection

Did you know that James Hardie has a special collection for distinctive siding designs? It is called the Aspyre Collection and it features unique siding products for architects and custom home builders. They can be endlessly creative in their designs for your siding while using quality siding products.

All products are made out of the fiber cement material James Hardie is so well known for. You can count on the high quality and durability of all of the siding products. The collection gives you all the flexibly and versatility you need to create a one-of-a-kind home.

James Hardie launched the Aspyre Collection in 2018. There are a number of products included in this collection that we want to introduce you to. For inspiration you can visit the website dedicated to the Aspyre Collection and see what is possible when using these products.

There are two lines within the Aspyre Collection: The Artisan® Line and the Reveal® Panel System. The Artisan® line features siding and trim. The Reveal® Panel System includes panels, trim, and fastener products that are customizable.

All products come primed for paint, which gives you all the freedom to choose the color you love for your home. Here is an overview over the available products from both luxury lines of the James Hardie Aspyre siding products:

Artisan® V-Groove Siding

These siding panels have the beautiful v-groove look that you often find on wood siding. However, since this siding is made out of fiber cement, the panels are more durable and require much less maintenance than wood. You can have both the look and the high performance of the fiber cement material with the Artisan® v-Groove siding.

Artisan® Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding is traditionally made out of long wooden boards. The Artisan® Shiplap siding resembles the look of cedar siding but it is made out of James Hardie’s superior fiber cement. It creates distinct lines and authenticity for any style of home.

Artisan® Square Channel Siding

This siding lends itself to both modern and traditional design styles. The panels have a right-angle cut that is precise and results in wideset channels. The architectural possibilities are sheer endless with this siding and the results are stunning.

Artisan® Bevel Channel Siding

The deep channel between the panels of the Artisan® Bevel Channel siding create a unique look. The lines are pronounced and chiseled, lending your home an upscale accent. This siding looks beautiful on a variety of home styles and gives them a special feature.

Reveal® Panel with Recess Trim

You can create very contemporary designs with the Reveal® panels with recess trim. The resulting aesthetic will look clean and smooth on your home. The hidden trim blends carefully and results in clean shadow lines. There are endless design possibilities with these panels with recess trim.

Reveal® Panel with Surround Trim

In these panels the trim is exposed, making a dramatic statement. The trim frames the smooth panels and gives them a modern look. This results in a bold siding with a strong geometric and industrial aesthetic. That is aided by the raised trim when it catches the light. It is available primed and in a number of ColorPlus colors, as well as with a clear anodized finish. This way you have all possible option available to choose from.

Reveal® Countersunk Fasteners

These fasteners are concealed which emphasized the flat and smooth look of the Reveal® panels. These countersunk fasteners are suitable for the Reveal Panel siding.

Reveal® Exposed Fasteners

If you want to use the fasteners to create more texture and patterns, then these exposed fasteners are right for you. They are made out of stainless steel and are very durable. They can be used to add an industrial look with visual details to your siding panels.

Let Us Guide You

The Aspyre luxury collection offers you and your architect or custom home builder the most flexibility. The possibilities with this siding are almost limitless and the results are unique and beautiful.

No matter what kind of home you have and what siding you want for it, we are here to guide you. Our team from Colorado Siding Repair can help you navigate all of your options and possibilities. Those choices include custom products like Aspyre from James Hardie and many more.

We want what is best for you, your home, and your budget. That is why we also offer financing options. Furthermore, we never use high-pressure sale tactics. Instead, we take the educational approach. We want you to have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Let us know how we can assist you. We are always happy to help with your next exterior home remodel project. In addition to installing siding, we also install insulation and windows, if you want to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Colorado Siding Repair is one of the few contractors in the area that offer partial siding replacement and repair. If it is possible to replace just parts of your siding, we are here for you. After completing a partial replacement, we can also paint the entire exterior of your home to create a matching look.

Let’s get started on making the exterior of your home look beautiful. Contact Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote and plan your next exterior home remodel project!

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