Board-for-Board Repair vs. Full Wall Replacement for Composite Wood Siding

Composite Wood Siding Colorado

Composite wood siding doesn’t have the best track record. If you’re living in a home with composite wood siding that is damaged and needs repair or replacement, your best bet may be a full replacement to a more resilient siding option, like fiber cement siding. Especially for homes on the Colorado Front Range, fiber cement siding offers the best return on your investment.

At Colorado Siding Repair, we understand that a full siding replacement isn’t always an option due to budget or timing. In this case, how do you decide between a board-for-board repair and full wall siding replacement for composite wood siding? The best solution is a full wall replacement.

The Problem with Composite Wood Siding

Composite wood siding is made from a combination of hardwood and softwood residual fibers bonded together with an adhesive product and sealed with paper laminate. The manufacturers of composite wood siding have faced class-action lawsuits over the years due to the inferior nature of the product. 

When composite wood siding becomes cracked or chipped, the plank under the laminate finish deteriorates. This creates an eyesore and allows moisture to seep into the materials beneath the siding, causing mold and rot. When damage occurs, the siding cannot be sanded and painted over. The planks must be replaced. 

Board-for-Board Repair Versus Full Wall Replacement

Homeowners often request board-for-board siding repair in an attempt to save money. Say, for example, your child crashes their bike into the side of the house creating a crack in the siding. Over time, the plank rots and needs replacement. Replacing only that one board would cost less money. Plus, the rest of your siding isn’t damaged. Board-for-board repair is the way to go, right?

Not so fast. Even if only one board is damaged, a full wall replacement offers the best value for composite wood siding. If water has seeped through, you likely have a more extensive issue. A full wall replacement remedies the core problem. Also, with an entire wall replacement, we can apply housewrap in accordance with code requirements. This extends the value of your siding over the long-term.

Colorado Siding Repair Offers Full Wall Replacement

At Colorado Siding Repair, we don’t offer board-for-board repairs. These repairs aren’t cost-effective for the homeowner or our company. Plus, with board-for-board repairs, we can’t properly wrap your home or ensure the problem is fixed. In fact, sometimes board-for-board repairs cause even more damage to your home. 

Instead, we put our commitment to quality work first. We can only stand behind our promise of top-quality repair and installation with full wall replacement. This ensures the homeowner receives the best value and peace of mind that the job was done right.

Options for Board-for-Board Siding Replacement

If full wall replacement isn’t in your plan or budget, a handyman may be a great alternative to replace one or more boards. At Colorado Siding Repair, we partner with Handy Huckaby. While a handyman won’t usually have the certifications and specialization of a siding company, they are a solid option for a variety of home projects. 

Schedule Your Full Wall Siding Replacement Today

If you have damaged composite wood siding on your home, act soon. The longer the damage goes unrepaired, the higher the risk of more extensive damage to the components under your siding like insulation, wooden beams and even electrical work. Contact Colorado Siding Repair today for an estimate. We’ll work with you to give your home’s siding the reliability and look you desire.

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