Can You Paint Your Brick Home?

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Can You Paint Your Brick Home?

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Do you have brick on the exterior of your home that used to look beautiful but does not look so great anymore? Are you thinking about just painting it over to change the way it looks? You should think about it carefully before you do so and we are here to provide you with some facts.

There are some benefits to painting exterior brick. It does improve the curb appeal of your home and gives it a fresh new look, especially when the brick is aged and does not look great anymore. Painting the brick also adds protection against the elements, as it acts as a sealant.

Painting the brick can also make it easier to maintain. Since brick is naturally porous, it can be difficult to get rid of dirt and dust that can get trapped in it. When it is painted it is easier to clean it by power washing it occasionally.

However, we generally do not recommend painting brick that has not been painted before. It is not really intended to be painted. Once you do paint the brick you cannot undo it and go back to the original brick exterior. You will have to paint it from then on.

One of the main reasons to not paint brick is because painted brick is very susceptible to moisture damage. The paint can chip due to exposure to moisture, especially closer to the ground. Once the brick is painted it needs to be repainted every few years to prevent damage to the brick. Painted brick also has to be cleaned more frequently to remove dirt and mildew.

When brick is painted it compromises the structural integrity and durability of the brick. The paint creates a layer that does not let moisture, humidity, and vapors escape. The brick will no longer be able to breathe as it is meant to. This can cause the paint to blister and peel which will not look good.

If after careful consideration you decide to paint the brick on your home you should hire experts to do so. You should never paint deteriorating or damaged brick. Furthermore, you need to make sure to use the correct paint since brick is very porous. Experts know how to handle brick painting best, what tools and what paint to use.

A Better Alternative to Painting Brick

You may want to consider the alternative of staining the brick instead of painting it. We can highly recommend working with BrickImaging. They are a Denver-based and family-owned business that specializes in brick staining. They have many years of experience and know how to treat brick exteriors.

BrickImaging offers a huge number of color options when it comes to brick coloring and brick staining. The technology they use is called Stayntech®, which works on brick, block, stone, and mortar. This is a great way to restore aged masonry, make it look great again, and protect it at the same time.

The stain that is used is absorbed by the brick and leaves it looking natural. Best of all, these stains will not chip, peel, or bubble and require no maintenance. Additionally, all of BrickImaging’s staining projects are covered by a 15-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

The Stayntech® technology does not prevent the brick from breathing but maintains the original properties of it. The brick can still release moisture after being stained and thus still breathe. The stain prevents build up on the brick while still protecting it from the elements.

Staining brick is definitely better than just painting it over. It will protect the brick and preserve it much longer, without needing to be painted regularly. Additionally, it will look beautiful longer while keeping the gorgeous original look of brick.

The team from BrickImaging can handle everything from residential to commercial properties. They are professionals that have treated brick since 1976, which makes them the oldest brick staining firm in North America. We can definitely recommend working with them.

Your Trusted Siding Expert

If you decide to paint the exterior brick on your home, we offer exterior painting. Or if you no longer want to have brick on the exterior of your home and are thinking about different siding options, reach out to us. We are your trusted siding guide and can walk you through all of your different choices when it comes to siding.

Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. We know these fiber cement siding products very well and follow all best practices and specifications for these premium products. No matter if you choose to have James Hardie fiber cement or any other siding installed, we will do so expertly. Your home is sure to look beautiful with new siding.

Additionally, we are more than just a siding contractor. We also install windows and insulation to make your home more energy efficient. When you hire us, you can have all of your exterior home remodel projects taken care of by one trusted source and do not have to hire different contractors.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any and all questions about siding and other exterior home projects. We never want to just make a sale but want what is best for you. That is why we do not use high pressure sale tactics but take the educational approach. Call Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote and get started on your next exterior home remodel project!

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