Create A Design Feature With Versetta Stone

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Create A Design Feature With Panelized Stone Veneer

There is something traditionally beautiful about stone features on homes. They have a classic look to them that is timeless and enchanting. What if you could have that look on the exterior of your home but in the form of a convenient siding? That is where Versetta Stone comes in.

Versetta Stone is a mortarless stone veneer siding that is much easier and quicker to install but looks like traditional stone masonry. The authentic look is achieved by using designed panels that are attached to the home’s exterior with nails or screws.

This siding is the result of Boral’s 50 years of experience. Boral also manufactures cultured stone and has been a leader in this industry for many years. They have gained a reputation for quality, design and authenticity. Boral used their expertise, knowledge and innovation to create this modern stone veneer siding with a convenient installation method.

This siding is wind resistant up to 110 mph and has a Class A fire resistance rating. It also passes freeze and thaw testing. It looks and feels like stone but is much easier and cheaper to install than mortared stone siding.

Check out this Morrison Mountain Home where we installed Versetta Stone with the Ledgestone pattern in the Sterling Design. This stone accent paired with James Hardie ColorPlus provides a stunning finish to this home exterior!

How is Versetta Stone Made and How is it Installed?

Versetta Stone is a stone-based product, and not made out of cheap plastic like other veneer products. This siding material is based on concrete and has a galvanized metal flange. The material is lightweight but it is fiber-reinforced concrete. It is a high-quality product that comes with a 50-year transferable limited warranty. That speaks to the longevity of this siding and the high quality of the materials used. Which means that it is a worthwhile investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

This panelized system is comprehensive and has a full line of accessories to round out the look of the siding. Because of the panels it can be installed quickly and efficiently. They are stackable, have a hidden tongue and groove design and can be fastened with mechanical fasteners. It has a nailing flange that is integrated so that it can be attached to the walls with screws or nails.

The siding can be installed over ZIP system or house wrap and it has a built-in rain screen.  It does not need to be painted, coated or sealed after the installation. Because the panels interlock it will look flawless and always stay that way.

Versetta Stone has some clear benefits over mortared stone. It is much faster to install this panelized system than to build up mortared stone. Additionally, it can be installed regardless of the weather conditions and it makes much less of a mess than using mortar and regular stone. There is no need for mortar, metal lath or scratch coats. The installation does not require a mason, which is one of the reasons Versetta stone has a lower overall price than mortared stone.

What Styles Are Available?

Versetta Stone is available in three profiles: Ledgestone, Tight-Cut and Carved Block. Each style has a distinctive look and has matching finish pieces and tools available so that it looks even better and more well-rounded after it is installed.

The Ledgestone Style has the appearance of traditional dry stack. The layers are staggered and look rough-cut. The style offers an intricate aesthetic with narrow, stacked stones. This siding looks great in combination with brick, stucco and wood. The Ledgestone siding is available in a number of attractive colors that can create a wonderful contrast to the other materials on the exterior of your home.

Your second option is the Tight-Cut Style. In this style the bold stones have a tighter fit that looks sophisticated. This creates a professional appearance of expertly cut and fitted stones. These panels can be used as exterior siding, around a patio or pool or even inside your home as accents on a wall or a fireplace. The stone pattern can take on different looks by utilizing different color combinations. That way you can really express your own design ideas and style.

Both the Ledgestone and the Tight-Cut Style are available in a variety of different colors. You can choose between the following:

  • Terra Rosa™
  • Sterling™
  • Sand
  • Mission Point™
  • Graphite (special order only)
  • Plum Creek™
  • Northern Ash

The Carved Block Style is the final Versetta Stone style. This style achieves a contemporary look with the bold, clear and chiseled texture of the stones. These stone veneer panels look great on residential as well as commercial buildings. The stone blocks are large and are available in two natural colors: Sea Salt and Midnight. Sea Salt combines lighter shades of taupe with white for a crisp looking siding. Midnight is a combination of gray, black, and some browns for a darker appearance.

All three style choices are beautiful and you cannot go wrong with any of them. No matter which style you choose, your new Versetta Stone siding will definitely increase the curb appeal of your home. This siding is a wonderful choice that is made to last.

Ask Your Trusted Colorado Siding Contractor

Are you thinking about replacing your siding? If you are curious about all your options, we are happy to walk you through all choices and styles, including Versetta Stone siding. You will be amazed by the beautiful siding we can install on your home and the number of choices you will have.

We are here to help you with the entire process, from start to finish, including financing. Give Colorado Siding Repair a call today and let us install your new siding!

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