Damaged Composite Wood Siding Needs Replacement

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Damaged Composite Wood Siding Needs Replacement

Composite wood siding is a popular option for Colorado homes for its durability and low maintenance. However, when composite wood siding is damaged, it must be replaced in a timely manner. Otherwise, water will penetrate the siding and lead to even more costly damage like mold growth, deteriorated planks and potential damage under the siding.

What is Composite Wood Siding?

Composite wood siding is a product made from hardwood and softwood residual fibers that’s bonded with an adhesive product and sealed with paper laminate. It’s a lower cost alternative to natural wood siding. Also, composite or engineered wood siding requires less maintenance than natural wood.

Today’s composite wood siding offers solid durability and low maintenance in a variety of style options. However, many Colorado homes build in the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s had a substandard composite wood siding installed that did not hold up to the manufacturer’s warranty. The products used for those homes are no longer manufactured, but many homes still have this siding.

If your home has defective composite wood siding, it’s critical to replace the siding once it experiences damage. If you have older siding that is warped or discolored, it’s likely damaged and needs replacement. These defective products are much more susceptible to water damage, which can lead to long-term problems for your home.

Potential Damage to Composite Wood Siding

In Colorado, homes may experience damage to siding from many different causes. One of the most frequent causes of siding damage is hail. Other weather-related causes like wind, ice and flooding may also lead to damaged siding.

Even accidents like a rouge ball or bicycle hitting your home can damage the siding’s laminate surface. Regardless of how the siding is damaged, the issue must be addressed to avoid further destruction to your home.

When a crack, chip or hole penetrates the paper laminate finish, moisture can reach the composite material underneath allowing the adhesive material to leach out. When this occurs, the plank under the laminate deteriorates. Not only does this look bad, it may also allow moisture to seep into the materials beneath the siding causing mold or further rot.

Unfortunately, composite wood siding cannot be sanded and repainted. Once the paper laminate is compromised, the planks are a loss. If you try and paint over the damaged area, water will still leak through. This short-term fix won’t work, and the siding will still need to be replaced. In fact, you could cause more damage to your home if you don’t address the issue properly.

Damaged siding is unsightly and unsafe for your home. Address the issue by repairing or replacing the damaged area with either a superior product or a compatible option like LP SmartSide.

Repair and Replacement Alternatives

Depending on the type, age and level of damage, a partial siding replacement may work to fix the issue. If the current siding is a better-quality, composite wood material like LP SmartSide, a partial replacement is an option. Though, this still usually requires the entire wall to be replaced in order to ensure the integrity of the replacement siding installation.

The good news is that a partial replacement saves money on an overall home installation. If only a small portion of the siding is damaged, you shouldn’t require a total replacement for your home. The material and paint color usually can be matched for seamless end results.

However, if your home has defective composite wood siding or extensive damage, the best option is a total replacement. In these cases, a new, better quality composite wood siding, like LP SmartSide, may be used.

Another smart choice is to upgrade to fiber cement siding, like the James Hardie manufactured siding. This product is a superior option for Colorado homes. It’s available in a variety of styles and has a solid reputation for durability and longevity. James Hardie names top-quality and highly-respected companies the distinction of being a James Hardie Preferred Professional. Select a company, like Colorado Siding Repair, with this honor to install your fiber cement siding to ensure you receive the best possible product and service.

Advantages of New Siding

While partial replacement is sometimes the best option, new siding adds value to your home. Especially when you upgrade to a better-quality product, your home will look better and have better functionality.

Quality siding helps with energy efficiency, protects against water damage and noise from outside. Noise control is especially beneficial from the Colorado wind. Also, better quality siding will last longer and requires less maintenance.

Don’t wait to repair your damaged composite wood siding. Instead, invest in your home. You’ll avoid additional damage from moisture exposure. This helps keep your family protected from mold risks and benefits your wallet in the long run.

New siding improves the look of your home’s exterior while ensuring the integrity of the external structure. Regardless of the option you select for your new siding, it’s a smart investment for the value of your home.

Quality You Can Trust

Stay on top of your home maintenance by repairing damaged composite wood siding. At Colorado Siding Repair, we offer quality customer service you can trust. We understand the importance of trusted and reliable service providers. We take pride in our work and prioritize customer relationships. Let us help make your home look great with siding replacement or repair. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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