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What are Fascia & Soffit & Trim?

The exterior of a house is made up of different parts. Besides the siding, a house usually has fascia, soffit and trim. These terms can be confusing at first but are not that complicated when you take a closer look. 

Let’s start by looking at your roof. Most roofs extend over the outside wall of the home. When you look under the roof overhang you will see different parts.

The fascia is the horizontal band that is exposed at the end of the rafters, along the bottom of the roof. Its purpose is to form a horizontal support for the bottom edge of the shingles or tiles of the roof. An easy way to remember which part this is, is that the fascia faces out. The fascia is a transitional part between roof and trim.

The soffit is on the underside of the roof overhang and covers the part beneath the rafter tails. If you stand below the edge of the roof and look straight up, that is the soffit. The soffit is the element between your roof and your siding.

The trim of your home are the decorative and architectural accents of your home. They increase curb appeal and make your home look unique.

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Soffit, Fascia, & Trim
Fascia, Trim, Soffit

Why are these parts important?

The soffit and fascia are architectural elements that protect your home’s exterior, the roof and the attic. They help keep out pests like insects, birds, bats and squirrels. All three of these elements also make your home look more finished.

The soffit protects the underside of your roof instead of leaving it exposed. It does so by protecting that part of the roof from rainwater and thus keeps mold and rot at bay that may otherwise damage the roof. 

By enclosing the eave with soffit, pests are kept out of your attic. This enclosure also serves as an important part of the ventilation system, which also plays a big part in a lower utility bill. This part of the house lets your roof vent, or “breath”, by drawing cool, dry air into the soffit vent. 

It is very important to have vented soffit. A soffit vent is installed into the underside of the eaves. That is where fresh outside air can be drawn into the attic, whereas hot, moist air can be expelled through the roof vents.

The fascia protects the ends of the rafters and thus the roof from moisture. The gutters are usually attached to the fascia. That means the fascia needs to be well maintained so that water does not seep under the roof boards.

How to Take Care of Fascia & Soffit & Trim

When it comes to soffit and fascia you have a choice between different materials. They can be made of steel, aluminum, fiber cement or vinyl, regardless of the type of siding your home has.

More often than not, the fascia, soffit and trim are made out of wood. Wood is very decorative and easy to paint. The trim elements can be painted in accent colors that will make your home look great and express your style.

The best way to take care of the wood on your home is to paint it regularly. Painting these elements in regular intervals ensures that they are waterproof. Otherwise they will decompose and become compromised.

It is a good idea to check on your fascia and soffit when you clean your gutters or at least once a year. Make sure they do not show signs of wear and tear like peeling and warping. If there are insect nests attached, be sure to remove them yourself or call an exterminator to do so. If you see mildew or even a little bit of mold on them, you can simply wash that off with some bleach water and a soft brush.

Can You Replace Just the Fascia & Soffit?

If the fascia and soffit become compromised, they no longer protect your roof which could lead to a costly roof replacement. This could happen over time or if ice dams form in the winter. If these elements have rot in them or if you notice leaks, it is best to replace them as soon as possible before more damage can occur. 

It is possible to replace just soffit and fascia, without replacing the roof or the siding. We can evaluate that and give you an honest opinion whether or not that is on option in your case. If so, we can replace only the parts that need to be replaced.

After replacing fascia and soffit, we can paint the entire exterior of your home to make it all look fresh and new again. This will give your home a completed look where everything looks great together, with whichever accent colors you choose. We are one of the few siding contractors that offer this service and are happy to do so.

Full Siding Replacement with Colorado Siding Repair

In some cases, it will not be possible to just replace the fascia and soffit. If your house needs all new siding with matching trim elements, we can do that too. We will be happy to point out all of your options and help you through the entire process. Your house will look great with new siding, soffit and fascia and you can be sure that is it well maintained.

If you have any questions about fascia, soffit, trim or siding, do not hesitate to call us. Colorado Siding Repair is your expert and trusted siding guide. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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