How to Choose the Best Siding for Your House: A First Time Buyers Guide

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Are you a first-time home owner and your house needs new siding? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all the available information out there? Then let us help you! It can feel very stressful and too much to pick new siding but it does not have to be that way. 

What are things to look for when picking new siding? What are your material options and the different types of siding? How does the cost of different siding materials compare? What might be the best siding for your home? We are here to give you answers and guide you along the way.

Here are the top four things to keep in mind when choosing the best siding for your home, whether you are a first-time home buyer or have just never had to think about new siding before:

  • Durability

When you make any investment into your home and especially an expensive one like replacing siding, you want to pick siding that lasts. The durability of the siding will make a huge difference for your investments and directly correlates to the ROI. 

The durability of your siding is closely linked to which material and manufacturer you choose. Some materials are longer lasting than others. There are four main siding material options you can choose from: Metal, wood, vinyl, and fiber cement.

Metal siding like aluminum can last a long time but is prone to impact damage. With that in mind, it is not the most durable siding. Wood and engineered wood siding are both very durable. They need to be well maintained to last longest but when they are, they can age very well.

Depending on the quality of the vinyl siding, it can last relatively long. The biggest issue with vinyl is that it can get damaged by hail or other impact, which can ruin its look. Vinyl can also fade and crack over time. Overall, it is not the most durable siding.

Fiber cement siding on the other hand is very durable. It can last for several decades, especially if it is made by a leading manufacturer like James Hardie. Their siding has some amazing resistances and is not prone to impact damage. It is resistant to moisture, insects, mold, UV damage, and even fire. 

  • Maintenance

Different types of siding vary greatly in the amount of maintenance they require. Natural wood siding requires quite a bit of maintenance. It needs to be painted or stained at least every other year in the dry Colorado climate in order to age well. That adds to the initial cost and requires time.

Vinyl and metal siding do not require as much maintenance. Vinyl cannot be painted and only needs to be washed off every so often. Fiber cement siding also requires very little maintenance but it can be painted if you want to change the color, which is an advantage.

  • Cost

The cost of new siding can vary greatly depending on the material. If your budget is very tight, vinyl might be your only option. It is the cheapest siding material. However, if you factor in that it might need to be repaired after a few years or a severe hail storm, that might change your calculus.

Fiber cement is usually more expensive up front, in the mid-range of pricing, but it can be cheaper in the long run. Due to its durability and lack of maintenance it requires, it can actually save you money over the years compared to other materials. It has a great ROI as well.

Depending on which metal you choose and the availability of that metal, it can fall between vinyl and wood in price. In recent years the prices of metal have been increasing. For the amount of money that metal siding can cost you might be better off picking a more durable option.

Wood, especially cedar siding, is one of the more expensive types of siding. Engineered wood siding is cheaper to install and because it does not require the same amount of maintenance, it saves you even more money over time.

  • Versatility

Most siding manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and textures. James Hardie offers a huge selection of both. If you want a specific look, like wood or metal siding, but made from durable fiber cement, you can get that. With the different styles and textures, your design possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, James Hardie offers over 700 colors to pick from. They developed the ColorPlus® technology, which creates long lasting and brilliant colors. The colors are divided into two collections, the Statement Collection™ and the Dream Collection™, so that you can easily find the color you are looking for.

Some of the other siding materials are also quite versatile. Wood is very pliable and often comes in different styles. Metal siding can look like wood for example and you usual have different styles to pick from as well. 

Vinyl is also quite versatile. Many manufacturers offer a number of styles and textures to choose from. Some options are more limited than with fiber cement siding but it depends on the manufacturer you pick.

The Right Siding Contractor

Colorado Siding Repair is your trusted siding guide. We are always happy to walk you through all of your options in regards to the different types of siding. Our team is here for you to answer all of your siding questions. 

We are proud to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Our team members are factory trained to follow all specifications and best practices. That way the siding will last long while looking beautiful and performing as it should.

Are you ready to choose new siding for your home? Then give Colorado Siding Repair a call! We can give you a hassle-free quote and help you to pick the best siding for your new home.

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