How to Pick the Right Color for Your Home

Right Color for Your Home

Is the exterior of your home looking a little faded? Maybe it needs a fresh coat of paint! Is your siding 20 years old or older? You might need new siding! Updating your home’s exterior can do wonders for its look and feel. A new color can drastically increase the curb appeal of your house and give it new life. We have many options from you to choose from. We can help you choose a paint color or we can help you decide on a factory-finished siding product like James Hardie ColorPlus that does not require paint.

But how to choose the right color for your home? That is where your trusted contractor comes in. We can evaluate your siding, including the material, and help you by pointing out what options are available to you. Selecting a color for your home exterior has an impact that lasts for many years. Our design experience allows us to show you a 3-D rendering of your home where we can swap out different colors, designs, and textures to help you visualize the home of your dreams!

Ask yourself what your primary goal is. You can decide whether you want to be creative so that your home stands out or if you want something more muted that blends in. There are classic looks you can implement or modern trends that you can follow.

What color you choose can solely be based on personal preference. However, there are also other facts that you should keep in mind. Here are a few things to consider when picking a new color for your home’s exterior:

What do the houses in your neighborhood look like?

Start your research by taking a look around your neighborhood. What do the other houses look like? What color schemes are being used? Take that information into consideration when you are picking the new color for your house.

Pay special attention to the homes of your immediate neighbors. If the houses on both sides of yours are white or a lighter color it might be a good idea to pick a different color. That way you can break up the monotony and set your home apart.

If you live in a neighborhood that has an HOA you will also have to inform yourself about what the guidelines are. Sometimes the rules are rather strict and you will have to pick an approved color. Other times you have more leeway and can get creative. It is best to know before you start though.

What is the landscape like?

You should also take the landscape around your home into consideration. Are there trees around? Do you want your home to blend in with the nature? Then use neutral colors that are warm and earthy for the exterior of your home.

You can also complement the landscape by using more vibrant colors for your home exterior. That way you can create an entire look and utilize the landscape to set your house apart. 

Should you go with light or dark colors?

Whether you choose a lighter or darker color is mostly a matter of preference. The colors of your home can reflect your personality. They can also be based on current trends and the surroundings previously mentioned. 

White and beige are light colors that have been popular for many years. They give your home a clean look and reflect light. However, bolder and darker colors are gaining popularity. They will make your home stand out. Darker colors like grays, blues and even black are in right now. 

Do you want an accent color?

Accent colors are a great way to highlight certain design elements of your home. They can accentuate your gable or other architectural details. You can use colors to bring contrast to your home exterior or blend the colors so they meld into each other. 

To help you find the perfect combination of colors you can use the color wheel. Of course, we are also happy to assist you in your decision-making process.

What else should you consider?

Some elements of your home cannot be changed, others you may not want to change. Make sure whatever color your pick goes well with those elements. These parts of your home can include brick or stone accents, roof, and garage doors. Even walkways should be taken into consideration. 

Try to complement the elements of your home exterior that will stay the same. You can always get a color sample and see what it looks like with the other colors on and around your home. Make sure to look at it in different light as that can make a big difference. 

Colors look differently depending on whether it is sunny or cloudy. The light can even change the appearance of the color significantly. Look at the color while paying attention to the undertones. Having a sample can help you decide on a color or affirm your choice.

Let Colorado Siding Repair Be Your Guide

We are your trusted siding guide but we are also so much more. In addition to installing siding, Colorado Siding Repair also installs windows and insulation. Furthermore, we are one of the few siding contractors around that paints the exterior of houses.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any and all of your exterior remodeling questions. We are here for you and ready to help. We will do that by taking the educational approach. Our team members never use high pressure sale tactics.

Only you can decide what is best for you, your home, and your budget. We will provide you with all necessary facts so that you can make an informed decision. We also offer financing options so that you can make your exterior remodeling dreams come true.

Are you ready to start your next exterior project? Then give Colorado Siding Repair a call. We will walk you through all of your options. Call us for a hassle-free quote and get started on increasing the curb appeal of your home!

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