It’s Hail and Wind Storm Season In Colorado

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It’s Hail and Wind Storm Season In Colorado

Don’t Fall Prey To A Pushy Siding Salesperson And Unneeded Costs

It’s that time of year hail and wind storms are pummeling Denver-area homes on a regular basis, leaving homes pock-marked and dented in their wake.

And just after the storm blows through, the next thing to appear in the neighborhood – as sure as night follows day – is a salesman for a siding replacement company.

If he’s like some of the salespeople who’ve been described to us by our customers, he’ll be pushy to the point of rudeness!

He’ll probably take a quick glance around your home, and declare it “totaled.”

“You need a complete replacement of every square inch of your siding,” he might say, “and that’s okay, because your insurance will pay for it.”

Wait a minute, you might say, really? The whole house? But only the west side was affected!

Mr. Pushy might allege that it doesn’t matter. It’s like an older car with body damage… more costly to fix than the thing’s worth.

“We don’t do partials,” he might add. “In fact, you won’t find anybody who does. With all the work out there, siding companies only want to put crews on full replacement jobs.”

Is that true?

Your House Might Not Be “Totaled”

Well, it might be true for his company. And that’s because the name of the game for many siding companies is sales. Sell as much siding as possible. Bill as many hours of labor as you can.

Milk every hail storm for all it’s worth!

And that’s why every Denver-area hailstorm results in massive insurance claims, and tons of money wasted on full siding replacements that could’ve been much more cost-effective partial replacements or repairs.

But he’s wrong (or misleading) when he says you won’t find a company that will devote resources to a partial replacement or siding repair project.

When a company is driven by old-fashioned values instead of sales quotas, they put the customer first… Service Before Self, as some of us learned in the military. And that means they’ll work hard to understand the true nature of your siding situation (and your budget), and help you arrive at the best solution for your unique situation.

You Could Save Thousands

No getting around it: a siding project, no matter the size, is a significant investment in your home’s protection, beauty, and value.

Even a partial replacement can run to the thousands of dollars.

But that’s still thousands less than a full replacement would cost.

And a siding company worth its salt (look for a credentialed company, like a James Hardie Preferred firm, and one that offers a strong warranty on their work) can make a dramatic impact on your home with a partial replacement… often as good or better a result as a lesser company would get with a full siding replacement.

The hail got you don’t get “got” again by a pushy salesman! Ask yourself if you’d want your mom to be treated the way Mr. Pushy is treating you, and look for a company that treats its customers like friends and partners instead. After all, every customer is somebody’s mom or dad.

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