Nichiha vs Hardie: Three Things to Consider


Are you thinking about replacing the siding on your home? Are you consider replacing it with fiber cement siding? Then you have probably heard of James Hardie products but have you also heard of Nichiha fiber cement siding?

We have been introducing some Nichiha products recently but they are still less well known than James Hardie products.

James Hardie has been the leading fiber cement siding manufacturer for many years. Now Nichiha is gaining in popularity and is slowly becoming more readily available. How does Nichiha fiber cement compare to James Hardie products?

Three things you should you consider when it comes to Nichiha Siding vs. James Hardie

It is not always easy to compare products without knowing them well. To make it a little easier, here are three things you should keep in mind when comparing the two companies and their products:

Nichiha vs James Hardie: Durability

Fiber cement siding is well known for its durability. James Hardie has proven the durability of their products very well over the years. After focusing mainly on the commercial market, Nichiha has relatively recently moved into the residential siding market and has less of a track record there.

However, Nichiha panels and siding are also incredibly durable. Nichiha uses a solid mold for their siding panels that they pour their fiber cement mixture into. This makes for very durable products and helps to prevent delamination which could happen if moisture were to get into the edges.

James Hardie panels are five times thicker than vinyl which makes them heavier but also much more durable. Furthermore, it is fire-rated and non-combustible. That is a huge advantage over other siding and definitely sets it apart. The durability of James Hardie products is excellent and well documented.

Nichiha vs James Hardie: Colors

James Hardie has a huge number of color choices and you can pick from over 700 colors. They are divided into two collections, the Statement Collection™ and the Dream Collection™. That way you can look at the most popular colors or explore all your options and find the color you love most.

Hardie developed a special technology, the ColorPlus® Technology that makes the colors more brilliant and durable. The colors are resistant to fading as they are baked on. They also offer an incredible amount of consistency since they are computer-matched.

This flexibility and selection when it comes to siding colors sets James Hardie apart from many other manufacturers. Nichiha is more limited in the color selection for their siding. Depending on which style you pick there is a good amount of color options or you can get the siding primed to paint.

Nichiha vs James Hardie: Expense

In the comparison between Nichiha vs Hardie, Nichiha’s biggest advantage is probably the cost of their products. Due to an easier and thus faster installation, Nichiha siding products are mostly cheaper than James Hardie to have installed. 

The cost depends on the product you choose but overall Nichiha is less expensive. To get an accurate estimate you have to look at the style, texture, and color you want for your siding. Most siding projects will cost more if you go with James Hardie but you will also have more options.

Furthermore, James Hardie spends quite a large amount of money on their research and development, which is one of the reasons for the higher price of their siding. However, this also means that they continually improve their products. That assures the quality of their product and gives you peace of mind.

In Conclusion

After considering all of these facts the good news is that both Nichiha and James Hardie are great siding options. There is no wrong choice and it comes down to personal preference. It really depends on the kind of siding you want for your home.

One thing to keep in mind is that James Hardie siding products are much more widely available than Nichiha siding. Because of that it might be a good idea to check first if the siding product you want is available in your area. 

We would be happy to assist you in determining if the siding you want is available in Colorado if Nichiha is the siding you choose. We do install both James Hardie as well as Nichiha siding products.

Let Us Guide You

If you want to know more about Nichiha, James Hardie, or any other kind of siding, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Colorado Siding Repair is your trusted siding guide. 

We are also a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Our team members are factory trained and know how to install this siding following all specifications and best practices.

We are always happy to help and answer all of your siding questions. We do so without using high pressure sale tactics. Because we want what is best for you, your home, and your budget, we take the educational approach instead.

That means that we provide you with all the necessary facts to make an informed decision. That way you can find a siding you love and will love for many years to come. We also offer financing options to give you more flexibility.

If you are thinking about other exterior improvements, we are your one contractor who can do it all. In addition to installing siding, we also install insulation and windows. Furthermore, we can paint the exterior of your home to create a matching look for your entire exterior. 

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