Do Supply Chain Issues Affect Colorado Siding Repair?

Supply Chain

Do Supply Chain Issues Affect Colorado Siding Repair?

You have probably heard of the supply chain issues that currently affect many industries throughout 2020 and 2021. The pandemic has caused and is causing mayor problems in supply chains. This especially affects materials that are shipped in containers all over the world. As we look at 2022, we see anticipate continued supply chain issues.

This is a global issue affecting everyone and many different industries, including the home services industry. The problems are partially due to shipping issues but also due to employee absenteeism and worker shortages.

As a result, Colorado Siding Repair is also impacted by these issues. However, we have been able to keep our project pipeline going. We work really hard on being transparent with our customers. Additionally, we are trying to work around the problems in regards to the deliveries of supplies.

We have great relationships with our vendors and suppliers. That means that we can give you realistic timelines for your exterior remodeling projects. That way you know what to expect and how the issues might impact you. You can trust that we will update you as soon as we learn about any issues as they arise.

Ways Around the Supply Chain Issues

The best way around the global supply chain issues is to source and buy locally. That way the products will not sit on a container somewhere waiting to be unloaded. Try to find local contractors that use sources for their materials from the area.

We know that some products cannot be sourced locally. However, there are many great companies manufacturing right here in the US where we can source the products that we use from. This will also reduce some of the issues the industry is facing in regards to shortages and supply chain problems.

One of those companies manufacturing materials in the US is James Hardie. James Hardie Fiber Cement is manufactured in the U.S. That means that the problems due to supply chain issues are significantly reduced. We have a great relationship with James Hardie and know you can count on their products. We are in constant contact with our colleagues at James Hardie as we get real-time answers for any upcoming changes in our materials supply or future changes as their reps are able to share.

With products that are manufactured within the U.S. the main issue will be getting the products on trucks from a domestic manufacturing plant. But this eliminates having to account for containers that are stuck in a dock somewhere.

Some manufacturers are also trying to source their materials differently or even switching which materials they use. However, that is not always possible. Some materials are simply not available locally or cannot be altered in the production process.

Additionally, whenever possible you can try to plan way in advance. Start thinking about projects you want to tackle as early as possible, get a quote, and schedule it as early in advance as possible. Of course, that is not always an option.

If your siding gets damaged or develops problems, that is not something you can plan ahead for. In those cases, we will do everything we can to address the problem as soon as possible. However, if it is more a home maintenance project or update, that can be planed ahead of time, try to do so.

The home services industry, along with many other industries, is working hard on figuring out solutions to the supply chain issues. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long these supply chain issues will last or when the situation may change.

By shortening the supply chain some manufacturers and contractors are able to cut wait times. However, there are often many different factors that need to be taken into account, including local restrictions and environmental impacts.

The best way to handle these issues is communication and clarity. We try to get as much information on the supply chain issues from our suppliers and vendors. With information comes clarity and transparency. The better we understand the issue, the more details we can pass on to you.

Your Trusted Guide is Here for You

Our team members are here for you and we will answer all of your questions. If you are hesitant to start a new exterior remodeling project, reach out to us. We will walk you through all of your options and point out solutions to the supply chain issues. 

We are always transparent with our customers. Honesty and integrity are two leading values in every interaction we have with our customers. We will be upfront with you about the timeline and delays you can expect.

Colorado Siding Repair is a proud James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Not only do we have a good relationship with the company, we also know the products very well. Our experts are factory trained and know how to install these premium products right.

We are your trusted guide when it comes to replacing your siding and your windows. Replacing your siding is a great time to consider adding insulation underneath. To create a matching look for your entire home we can also paint the exterior of it.

We will do everything in our power to not let the supply chain issues affect your project. If there is no way around, we will be upfront about it with you. We will take any potential problems into account when we create schedules and timelines. 

By setting realistic expectations we will try to have your project run as smoothly as possible. We will provide you with the most up-to-date information available to us. Our team members will be there for you every step of the way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our team from Colorado Siding Repair is always here for you and ready to help. Call us today to get a hassle-free quote and to get started on your next exterior remodeling project!

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