The James Hardie ROI for Your Home

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The James Hardie ROI for Your Home

When you are thinking about updating your home and increasing its value at the same time, then you should consider replacing your siding. It is what people often notice first about a house. New siding will improve the curb appeal of your home and look beautiful.

Furthermore, replacing your siding is a great investment, especially if you install quality siding like James Hardie fiber cement. The ROI (return on investment) on this new siding is higher than with any other exterior remodel project on your home you could do. This siding will help attract buyers as well as demonstrate that you have taken good care of your home by maintaining it to the highest standard.

Even if you are not thinking about selling your home, replacing your old siding with fiber cement siding makes perfect sense. This siding is very durable and will last for many years to come. It can withstand harsh weather very well, which is important in the Colorado climate.

Replacing your siding with fiber cement siding is the smart choice, for your home itself and as an investment. It truly is money well spent. There are several reasons why James Hardie Siding increases your ROI.

1. Protection for your home

Having new high-quality siding will make your home be able to withstand the varying weather conditions. This siding does very well in extreme and harsh conditions like heat, snow, ice, and hail. It will not warp, crack or fade.

Siding is the first line of defense on your home’s exterior. Fiber cement siding offers a fantastic layer of protection for your home. This means that moisture will not leak in, which could lead to damage to the substrate and other problems.

By investing in James Hardie fiber cement siding you invest in protecting your home and avoid damage caused by old, failing siding. You can avoid damages and problems that will lead to costly repairs by having this siding installed.

Fiber cement has some truly valuable attributes. This siding is resistant to rot, pests, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, it is fire-resistant and will not burn. This can even save you money on your insurance premium. All this will protect your investment, increase your ROI, and prevent damage to your home.

2. Save money on maintenance

James Hardie fiber cement siding requires almost no maintenance. The only thing you need to do is clean it off with a power washer once in a while. The maintenance could not be easier.

The low amount of maintenance needed will save you significant amounts of money (and time!) over the years. By investing now, you will save money on paint and similar products you would otherwise have to purchase for maintenance.

3. Amazing warranty

Fiber cement siding is very durable and will last for many years. When you invest in James Hardie products, the siding comes with a 30-year product and 15-year finish warranty. This will give you many years of peace of mind since you do not have to worry about your siding.

James Hardie has many years of experience with fiber cement siding and is the leading manufacturer. They have put extensive research and development into making this premium product. This gives them a big lead in comparison to other manufactures and increases you ROI substantially.

4. The Wow-factor

James Hardie fiber cement siding comes in a huge variety of styles and textures. There are more than 700 amazing colors to choose from and they will last especially long thanks to the ColorPlus® technology used. With this siding you can truly express your inner designer and make your home look unique.

This beautiful siding will attract attention from neighbors as well as potential buyers. Your home will stand out in the best possible way with this great product. Get ready for some compliments on how great your home will look with James Hardie fiber cement siding!

5. Increased energy efficiency

Having new fiber cement siding installed can eliminate cracks and gaps that let air escape from your home. These leaks can let warm air escape during the winter and cool air from your AC during the summer. Preventing that can save you a significant amount of money on your utility bills.

To increase the energy efficiency of your home even more, you should consider having house wrap and insulation added before having the siding installed. This is a great way of maximizing your ROI and saving on your energy bills.

Let us Help You Increase Your ROI

Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. This distinction is only awarded to companies that know and follow all of the James Hardie’s best practices. We are very proud to earn this distinctions year after year and work hard for it.

Our team members are factory trained experts. They follow all demands and guidelines to install this superior product. Your siding will always be installed right and will look beautiful on your home.

We will guide you through the entire process of picking your new siding expertly. We do not believe in high-pressure sale tactics and instead take the educational approach. That way, you can make the decision that is right for you, your home and your budget.

Let us know if you have any questions for us. Call Colorado Siding Repair today and let’s get started on increasing your ROI by installing James Hardie fiber cement siding!

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