What Are the Benefits of Boral’s Shiplap-Nickel Gap Siding?


Boral is a company that has introduced some truly innovative products to the siding market over the years. One of these products is their Shiplap-Nickel Gap siding. If you have not heard of it, then this is the right blog to learn a little bit about it.

Boral’s innovative TruExterior® is a great product line that uses a poly-ash (polymer and fly ash) combination to create a tough, versatile, and durable siding. Their Shiplap-Nickel Gap siding is made out of the same great material and is part of their Craftsman Collection™. 

This siding is reversible and offers you a 2-in-1 siding option. The look of shiplap and nickel gap siding is similar. Shiplap siding is traditionally made out of wooden boards that are fitted tightly together, overlapping each other slightly with a rabbet joint. This overlap was used to seal the wall so that no moisture or air can seep in. 

The boards are fitted together without much space in between them. This also means the nails are showing, giving the siding a more rustic look. Most of the time this shiplap siding is installed horizontally, but it can be fitted to be installed vertically as well.

Nickel gap siding is quite similar to shiplap siding in its look. The siding gets its name from the spacing between the boards: a nickel could fit in between them. That means the planks are spaced about one eighth of an inch apart, as wide as a nickel. This creates a consistent square gap and a clean finish.

The look of nickel gap siding is more contemporary and less rustic than shiplap siding. Its tongue and groove installation system on all four sides hides nails that are used to install it. When installed, this siding looks clean and smooth.

Design Options with Boral Shiplap-Nickel Gap Siding

Boral’s new siding products offer you both the shiplap as well as the nickel gap look in one great product. They created a reversible Shiplap-Nickel Gap siding. This siding comes in two formats: Smooth Nickle Gap on one side and Wood-grain Shiplap on the other or Wood-grain Nickle Gap on one and Smooth Shiplap on the other side. 

This way you have all the options with amazing design possibilities and versatility you will love. The rabbeted edge makes it so that the spacing is always the same and creates a clean look, no matter which side you have installed facing out.

Boral offers this siding in two standard length and four widths. This means that there are 16 different profile combinations available when installing this siding. You can create some truly unique looks for the exterior of your home using this product.

The reversible Shiplap-Nickel Gap siding comes pre-primed but does need to be painted. This lets you pick the color for your siding you really want and will love for many years to come. Additionally, no edge sealing is required, which is another advantage of this siding.

Before this reversible siding was introduced by Boral, customers could only choose from smooth Nickel Gap and smooth or wood-grain Shiplap siding. This new and reversible product line adds the wood-grain nickel gap siding option to the product line and thus more versatility.

Boral’s poly-ash material is durable and resistant against moisture and pests like bugs and termites. This moisture resistance will also make the paint you select last longer. Additionally, it is suitable to come into contact with the ground, which adds to the application possibilities without having to worry about warping or splitting.

This new revertible Shiplap-Nickle Gap siding is a great addition to the high-quality products that Boral offers. It comes with all the benefits of their other products while being incredibly versatile. It offers a number of unique design possibilities and options. 

Let Your Trusted Siding Guide Help

If you still have questions about Boral siding, Shiplap, Nickel Gap siding or any other kind of siding, let us know. Our team members are always happy to help and answer all of your siding questions. We are delighted to guide you along the way of selecting the perfect siding for you and your home.

We believe in high-quality products and excellent service. A part of that is the fact that we never use high-pressure sale tactics and never just want to make a sale. Instead, we take the educational approach. 

We will provide you with all the necessary facts to make an informed decision that is right for you and your budget. When you find a siding that you love, we also offer financing options to help make it a reality for you.

Colorado Siding Repair is more than your trusted siding guide. We are also your trusted guide when it comes to replacement windows and added insulation. Both of these things will noticeably increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

To create a look that is matching and beautiful as a whole, we can also paint the exterior of your home. Together with new siding this will drastically increase the curb appeal of your home and make it stand out in the best way possible.

Contact Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote. We are here for you and ready to help. Let us know if you are ready to have Boral Shiplap Nickel Gap siding or any other kind of siding installed. Together we will get your home’s exterior looking beautiful again!

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