What the Hail? A High-Altitude Concern

Colorado Siding Hail

What the Hail? Hail Damage Siding Repair

Did you survive the latest hail storm but your siding did not? Colorado Siding Repair works with homeowners on the Front Range to ensure the best possible outcome for your home’s siding. Since we are locally owned and operated, we know the Colorado climate, and we are the local experts in Hail Damaged Siding Repair.

Hail on the Front Range: A High-Altitude Concern

Colorado is located in ‘Hail Alley’ termed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration along with parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming. Peak season for hail in Colorado is May through July. Three years ago, the May 2017 Denver hail storm caused more than $2.3 billion in insurance losses in the Denver-Metro area alone and resulted in the closure of the Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood for 6 months.

Hail storms are not surprising on the Front Range considering our elevation. “We are a mile closer to the cold air, so the thunderstorms that produce hail in other parts of the country have a lot more warm air mass to fall through,” says Mike Nelson, Denver7’s chief meteorologist. “Hail will melt back into raindrops before it hits the ground.”

With the right conditions, a Colorado hail storm will result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Colorado is second in number of hail insurance claims, behind Texas. The need for insurance will always be a necessity in the Denver area and the Front Range.

Colorado  Siding  Repair Knows Hail Damaged Siding Repair

As we enter the warmer months, Colorado is entering ‘Hail Season’. While some of us aren’t surprised by the storms when they come, we want homeowners to have the right home insurance coverage. During these uncertain times Colorado Siding Repair is here to help homeowners be prepared for hail storms. Whether you’re looking at Colorado roofing replacement, or a partial siding replacement or full replacement, we are your local siding experts when it comes to Hail Damaged Siding Repair.

We work with your insurance company and maximize what your insurance will cover for your home siding replacement project. We are experienced in helping homeowners get the most bang for their buck. Look out for next blog with the 8 essential steps you should take to maximize your insurance claim to protect your home. We can’t control hail storms or even pandemics but we can make sure you have the right kind of homeowner’s insurance for Hail Season.

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