What You Need to Know About Ice Damming

Ice Damming

Winter often brings harsh weather to Colorado. Cold weather comes with some definite challenges. That is why your house needs to be prepared for cold, ice, and snow. One of the common winter issues that can happen around the home is ice damming. 

Ice dams form along the edge and eaves of the roof. They will prevent snow from melting and the water from draining off. Ice dams are caused when melting snow refreezes on the roof. When your roof has spots that are warmer and some that are colder, ice dams are usually the result.

The easiest way to spot ice dams are icicles. They may look pretty but they point you to where the problem is. Icicles form where ice dams are, since they stop the water from draining properly down the gutters and drains.

When this issue is not addressed and resolved it can lead to water damage. This is due to standing water and leaks along the walls and into the attic. Your roof, your siding and insulation, even the structure of your home can be damaged. 

It is best to prevent ice dams from forming and thus prevent further problems and damage. If ice dams do form, fix the issue as soon as possible. Our team is happy to come and access the situation. We will always be honest with you and make suggestions how to best solve the problem.

How To Prevent Ice Dams

The best thing for your home it to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. There are several things you can do to help with that. Here are three things you need to keep in mind and check on:

Check and add ventilation

The ventilation and heat distribution in your attic play a major roll in preventing ice dams. The heat from your home needs to be able to rise and escape through the attic. For that to happen you need to have proper ventilation in place. 

If needed, extra ventilation can be added to your attic, along the eaves and ridges of your roof, with soffit vents for example. This will prevent mold from forming. Sufficient ventilation is a key factor to prevent ice dams from building up and causing issues.

Have proper insulation installed

Another great way to prevent ice dams from forming is to have the right kind of insulation in place. Proper insulation helps to prevent warm patches that can form under the roof. These warm patches melt snow in the winter, that then refreezes on colder areas of the roof. 

Insulation also helps to keep the air temperature at the right level. The temperature in your attic should be kept below freezing if the outside temperature is in the 20s or lower. Insulation should be installed on the attic floor and under the roof and siding.

Proper insulation will also help to keep the warm air in the living space. This in turn will reduce your utility bill and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Insulation can make a huge difference for your home in many ways.

Exhausts to the outside and sealed leaks

Vents from the dryer, bathroom, and kitchen exhausts need to lead directly outside. They should not lead into the attic or through the soffits. If fixtures are mounted into the ceiling under the attic, the resulting holes need to be properly sealed to be airtight. 

The warm air from the living spaces of the house should not leak right under the roof sheathing. Check for gaps in the drywall, around pipes, access hatches, and the chimney. Leaks can usually be fixed with foam or caulk.

Colorado Siding Repair Is Here to Help You

Are you worried about ice damming? Do you think you might have ice dams or existing damage caused by them? Or do you want to learn more about how to prevent them? Then give your trusted siding guide a call. 

Your team from Colorado Siding Repair is here for you. We have helped countless homeowners with this issue. Our experts can look at your trim and siding to check for problems. They can detect water damage or potential issues. 

We will always give you our honest opinion and never try to just make a sale. Our company is based on integrity and honesty and we follow these guidelines in all of our interactions.

That is why we take the educational approach. Our team members will provide you with all the facts you need. Only then can you make an informed decision that is right for you, your home, and your budget. To help with that we also offer financing options.

Colorado Siding Repair can help you with all of your exterior remodeling needs. We install siding, insulation, and windows. All of these can help to protect your biggest investment, your home. We can also improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it more comfortable.

All of these projects will increase the curb appeal of your home. In addition, we can paint the exterior of your home to create a matching look. We use high-quality products for all of our projects. That will give you the best and most durable results.

Are you ready to get a hassle-free quote and get started on your next project? Then give Colorado Siding Repair a call! We will answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process.

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