When to Replace Your Siding

Replace Your Siding

When to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Do you know how old your siding is? Is it starting to show signs of wear and aging? Then it maybe be time to start thinking about replacing your siding. If you have any questions about whether it is necessary to replace your siding, we are here to help.

We are always happy to look at the siding on your home to determine if it needs to be replaced. Of course, you can also take a look yourself first. We want to give you some idea what to look for. That way you know what to pay attention to when you are trying to figure out if it is time to replace your home’s siding or not.

Failing siding can cause severe and costly problems. Here are five warning signs that your siding is failing and needs to be replaced:

1. Rot and warping

One of the biggest warning signs that your siding is no longer protecting your home is if you can see obvious signs of rot. In some cases, and if the affected area is small, the siding might be able to be repaired but often a full siding replacement is necessary. With some siding materials you might see bulging or warping instead of obvious rot. However, the rot might still be present underneath the siding.

2. Fading

When the siding looks very faded it is time to take a closer look. If the color becomes faded you might be able to just paint your siding. The paint helps to protect the siding and prevents water damage. You want to avoid water damage as well as sun damage by either painting or replacing your siding, depending on the age and overall condition of the siding.

3. Cracks and holes

If you see cracks and gaps in your siding, it is no longer doing its job. The siding will let moisture in, which can cause severe problems. The cracks also let pests like insects in, which can create potentially devastating issue, especially if those insects are termites. Additionally, cracks and holes in your siding severely impact the curb appeal of your home as they look rather unsightly. The siding needs to be intact to protect your home and look good.

4. Higher bills

Even if you do not immediately see signs of damage to your siding there might be signs that it is failing and underperforming. One of those signs are higher electrical bills due to drafts from damaged or old siding. You might feel those draft especially near walls and around windows. If that is the case you might have to add insulation or even replace the windows and siding.

5. Moisture damage

When moisture penetrates your siding, it can lead to a number of substantial problems. Moisture damage causes mold, mildew, and rot under your siding. This can even affect your walls as well as your health. The longer you wait to address this problem, the worse it gets. The faster you take care of it, the better.

What to Replace Your Siding With

If you see any of these signs on your home, it probably is time to think about replacing your siding. Not all siding types are equally durable. Some are of a much higher quality and thus have a longer lifespan. That is why we always recommend James Hardie fiber cement.

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding. They offer a wide variety of styles and textures to choose from. Additionally, you can pick from over 700 beautiful colors for your home. You are sure to find a style and color you will love on your home’s exterior.

Fiber cement offers a number of great resistances. It is resistant to impact damage, insects, mold, mildew, and it will not burn. Additionally, James Hardie offers a 30-year product and 15-year finish warranty. This will give you peace of mind for many years to come.

Colorado Siding Repair is proud to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Our team members are factory trained and know these premium products very well. When you hire us, your James Hardie fiber cement siding will always be installed correctly.

When it looks like your siding is failing and damaged, let us know. We are always happy to evaluate it and point out all of your options. Those options might even include a partial siding replacement or repair instead of a full replacement, which could save you thousands of dollars. We will work with your budget, and we also offer financing options.

Your Trusted Siding Guide Can Help

Colorado Siding Repair is your trusted guide when it comes to siding and other exterior remodeling projects. We also install windows and insulation. Additionally, we can paint the exterior of your home so that everything is matching and looks beautiful together.

We will always be honest with you and never use high pressure sale tactics to try and upsell you. Rather than doing that, we take the educational approach. We will provide you with all the facts and information so that you can make the decision that is best for you, your home, and your budget.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any exterior home remodeling questions. We are happy to walk you through all of your options. Call Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote and to get your siding looking beautiful again!

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