Why Does Vinyl Siding Warp?

Warped Vinyl Siding

Have you ever wondered what might happen with your vinyl siding when it ages? Or do you have vinyl siding that is not looking its best anymore? If you have older vinyl siding you might notice warping and other similar signs of it getting on in years. Even newer vinyl siding can warp.

Vinyl siding looks great when first installed. However, when it gets damaged or is simply aging, it can look less than beautiful. One way the age of your vinyl siding shows is its color. Even the best vinyl siding will fade in color over the years.

A Few Reasons Vinyl Siding Can Warp, Especially in Colorado

One fact about vinyl siding is that it cannot be painted. That is an advantage when it comes to maintenance as it saves you time and money. However, when it gets old and the color is faded, cracked, peeling, or warping – that is a disadvantage.

Your vinyl siding might need to be replaced is when it is warping. Warping can have several different reasons.

Faulty Vinyl Siding installation & Water Damage

When the siding is not installed correctly it can lead to warping and other issues, like water damage. Water itself can lead to warped siding.

When water gets underneath the vinyl siding it can cause structural issues. Mold, mildew, and rot can spread under the siding without it being immediately obvious from the outside. This will damage your walls and can lead to health risks for you and everyone living there.

The Sometimes Relentless Colorado Sun and Windows

Another cause of warping in vinyl siding, even newer siding, can be the reflections from windows on surrounding houses as well as car windshields. The Colorado sun can be relentless. When it reflects off of windows it can actually melt the vinyl siding on your home.

Windows can act as a magnifying glass that focuses the sun’s intense heat on the siding, even more so if your siding is dark. This causes the temperature to rise to a point that the vinyl distorts, melts, and warps. That is true for all windows, but low-e windows are especially reflective.

Low-e windows are great for energy efficiency as they are designed to reflect more sun off the windows and thus keep the inside of the home cooler. This reflective property is great for the inside of the house but it can be bad for your vinyl siding. When the windows are on your neighbor’s house, reflecting the sun onto your vinyl siding, it can cause damage.

The same is true for car windshields. The concavity of the windshields on cars can reflect the sun back onto your siding, focusing the heat in a way that can warp the siding. When a car is parked in a specific spot, with the sun reflecting off of it in just the right way, the reflection can distort the vinyl.

Persistent Heat or Fire

Fire and extreme heat can also warp vinyl siding. Vinyl can withstand heat up to about 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures above that, it will start to melt and warp. If there is a fire nearby, such as a Colorado wild fire, these temperatures will be exceeded by far.

Even the heat from a grill that is too close to your siding can be enough to warp and damage your vinyl siding. You always have to be careful where you place your grill but even more so, when you have vinyl siding on your home that could be damaged by it.

Warped and aging vinyl siding does not look good. It will decrease the curb appeal of your home and make a negative first impression as it is one of the things people immediately notice when seeing your home. That can be changed by replacing your warped vinyl siding with something better.

What is a Better Siding Alternative?

If your vinyl siding is warped or showing its age, it might be time to replace it. Vinyl is cheaper than most other siding materials, but it also does not last as long as better siding types. The siding we recommend most is fiber cement.

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding. Their siding products are very durable and beautiful at the same time. James Hardie backs this up but offering a 30-year product and 15-year finish warranty.

When you decide to have James Hardie fiber cement installed you have a huge number of options available to you. You can pick from over 700 different color options, in addition to several styles and textures. That way you are sure to find a siding you will love.

Fiber cement siding requires very little maintenance. When you do want to change the color though, you can also paint the siding, unlike vinyl. Furthermore, fiber cement is resistant to impact damage, mold, rot, mildew, and insects.

Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Our team members know these premium products very well and will install them right, every time. They are factory trained and can expertly guide you along the way.

Your Partner in Siding Can Help

If you have any question about your warped vinyl siding or what siding to replace it with, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your trusted siding guide and are always happy to help you find what is best for you, your home, and your budget.

Furthermore, we install insulation as well as windows, if you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, we are one of the few siding contractors in the area that offer exterior home painting. We will make sure your home looks matching and beautiful as a whole.

Contact Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote. Together we will raise the curb appeal of your home by having siding that is attractive and does not warp!

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