Why The Real Estate Market in Denver Demands James Hardie Siding

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Why The Real Estate Market in Denver Demands James Hardie Siding

The real estate market in Denver and the surrounding areas has been incredible and wild. With reduced inventory it has been a great market for sellers. Most houses are barely listed before they are sold and many are selling for above asking price.

However, if you are thinking about selling your home, it also needs to be able to compete with the other houses that are on the market. That is where the curb appeal of your home is really important. It needs to look good and well taken care of to attract potential buyers.

One of the things people see and notice first is the siding on your home. If it is damaged and aged it will not make a good impression and might even deter potential buyers. However, if the siding looks great and is in good shape that will be a definite selling point for your home.

If you are just looking for a quick fix there are cheap siding options on the market, like vinyl siding. However, if you are looking for a siding that looks amazing when newly installed and will continue to look amazing, James Hardie fiber cement is a much better option.

This siding can really set you home apart from others and stand out in the best possible way. That is why it is ideal for the housing market in Denver and everywhere else.

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement and they have been for many years. They are known for their high-quality products and huge selection. Their siding has many advantages including the following:

1. Durability and Warranty

Fiber cement is one of the most durable siding materials. It can stand up to a wide variety of climates, with everything from extreme heat to freezing temperatures. It even holds up well during hail storms, which is not the case with all other siding. 

When this siding is installed correctly in can last several decades. This is also reflected in the warranties that James Hardie offers. Their siding products come with 30-year product and 15-year finish warranties, which will give you peace of mind for many years.

2. Little Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance there are few other siding materials that are as easy to maintain. All that is needed is to rinse it off every so often to remove dirt and dust. It could not be easier and will save you money on maintenance costs and time as well.

3. ROI

James Hardie fiber cement has a great ROI (Return on Investment). That is mostly because is so durable, requires so little maintenance and needs few repairs. Additionally, it increases the curb appeal of your home so drastically that you are most likely able to sell it at a higher price.

Having this siding installed is truly a great investment. Not only will it protect your home better from the elements it can also reduce your monthly utility bills. When correctly installed it will eliminate cracks and gaps, which will increase the energy efficiency of your home.

4. Versatility

James Hardie fiber cement siding comes in a huge variety of styles and textures. If you like the look of wood siding but are looking for a solution that requires less maintenance, James Hardie’s siding is the answer for you. 

Furthermore, you can pick from over 700 beautiful colors. James Hardie developed the ColorPlus Technology®, which makes their colors last longer and look more brilliant. The selection is amazing and you are sure to find a color you will love for your home’s exterior.

5. Resistances

Fiber cement is naturally resistant to several forms of damage. It does not provide food for termites and other pests, so that you do not have to worry about insect damage. It is also resistant to moisture damage, mold, and mildew. Additionally, it is resistant to impact damage, which is very important in a place with frequent hail storms like Colorado.

This siding will not burn and does not add fuel to a fire. That is a huge advantage over other siding material and can even get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Colorado Siding Repair Understands the Housing Market

Are you ready to increase the curb appeal of your home? Then give Colorado Siding Repair a call.  We can walk you through all of your options and guide you to find the siding that is best for the housing market, you, your home, and your budget. We even offer financing options so you can get the siding you really want.

Our team members never use high pressure sale tactics because we want what is best for you. That is why we take the education approach for our sales. We will provide you with the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. Our experts are factory trained to install these premium products right. That will result in great looking siding that performs best and last longest.

Do not hesitate to contact us with all of your questions regarding siding. We also install insulation and new windows. We even paint the exterior of your home to create a matching look for your entire home. That will create a curb appeal no one can resist.

Call Colorado Siding Repair today to get a hassle-free quote and let’s get started on making your home’s exterior look amazing!

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