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The home-improvement professionals at Colorado Siding Repair have met countless customers and installed high-quality siding projects for Denver-area homeowners over many years’ experience.

We’re your trusted professionals in the siding business. We put together some of our FAQs for you.

We have the answers to your siding questions and we enjoy nothing more than helping our prospective customers sort through the dazzling array of options and arrive at just the right solution for their unique situation.

Even if your ideal solution isn’t with our company, we’ll help you find what works for you we want your home protected and beautiful, and we’re always happy to help.

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We’ve been told a full, expensive replacement of all our home’s siding is our only option after a bad hail storm. Is this true?

Maybe it’s true but maybe it isn’t.

One thing that sets Colorado Siding Repair apart from other companies is that we do full and partial siding replacement.

Some companies claim that anything less than a spendy full replacement just isn’t worth their time. They think that’s just good, practical business sense.

But we’re more interested in building trust-based relationships with our customers than in cashing in on their misfortune.

If we can do a partial replacement for you if that would be sufficient to restore your home’s true beauty and value we’d be honored to have the opportunity.

Let’s say we only really need to replace one wall of siding. We’ll help you choose an outstanding product that will blend in with your remaining siding fix any trim that needs repair collaborate with roof, gutter, and window contractors to make the job seamless for you and paint everything so your home looks as fresh and beautiful as possible. And, if we can, even with a partial replacement we’ll make it look like that storm never happened?

One note: we keep our prices fair (and fairly low, in comparison with our competitors). Sometimes, even if you could “get by” with a partial replacement, at our prices it makes sense to do a full replacement – to increase your property value, to help you sell the home quickly, or just to go for the great new look you’ve always wanted.

But it’s rarely the “only” option.

Why did you create Colorado Siding Repair? Aren’t there enough siding companies out there?

Not with our values and commitment to helping people.

We do a lot of charity work but beyond that, we look to help the customers other companies can’t – or won’t – help.

We learned some valuable lessons from our previous experience, including our time serving our country in the U.S. military. One of those lessons is that there’s always room in the marketplace for a firm with great integrity and attention to detail. Service Before Self is a core value we picked up along the way, and we work hard to make that our firm’s central operating principle.

We want to sell our home, but the “curb appeal” just isn’t there. Does it make sense to replace the siding if we’re not going to be living there to enjoy it?

When you make the investment in full or partial siding replacement, you’re making the decision to enhance the value of your home and it will lead to a faster sale for a better price.

If your siding is damaged or worn, there’s a good chance you can get some help from your homeowner’s insurance. And if there’s a gap between what they’ll cover and what we’ll have to charge you for the project, we offer financing options at low interest rates to help with the difference.

We’re almost always able to come up with a plan that makes great sense and helps you pass the home you’ve loved to the next neighbors who’ll love it, complete with a fresh, warm new look and durable, long-lasting protection.

After receiving quotes from other siding companies, we were astounded at what it would cost to upgrade the look of the home we just bought (for a good price). Is it always this expensive?

Not always?

First of all, it might be possible to make a dramatic improvement in your home’s look (and value) with a partial siding replacement, which could save you thousands of dollars. But some companies aren’t interested in doing partial replacements. We are, if it’s what serves the customer best and we do a lot of partial replacement projects?

Beyond that, not all companies in our industry have our dedication to truly helping people with their siding needs. We’ve heard a number of times from customers who told us other companies had quoted 30%, 40%, or even 50% more than we charged them for a similar (or better) siding installation project.

We make a good, honest living we take care of our employees and our expert installation crews but we don’t need to put you in a hole to do that. We’re proud of one accomplishment above all others: our customers are thoroughly delighted with our work, and their five-star reviews on Google and GuildQuality to prove it.

I’ve been told that fiber cement siding is the only way to go for Colorado houses. True?

Often, that is the case.

That’s why the professionals at Colorado Siding Repair have worked hard to earn a coveted designation in our industry: we’re James Hardie Elite Preferred, which means we’ve proven we can do detail-oriented, thoroughly “done right” installations of the world’s finest fiber cement siding (manufactured by James Hardie).

And we do a lot of great projects with James Hardie fiber cement siding?

It’s quite common that our expert analysis of a customer’s situation will lead us to recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding it really is a great option for Colorado homeowners. But for some projects, we’re happy to work with other high-quality products (such as LP SmartSide).

Whatever’s best for you? That’s what’s best for us.

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