LP SmartSide Siding

For a Classic Wood Look

Colorado Siding Repair Knows LP SmartSide

Denver and Colorado homeowners who love the look of wood siding know all about the challenges:

  • Wood’s expensive
    • Cedar siding can cost about twice as much as the top-quality that’s growing in popularity as an attractive alternative to natural wood.
  • Wood’s high-maintenance
    • You have to seal and/or stain your wood siding, at least every other year and annual maintenance is preferred.
  • And wood’s vulnerable
    • Mother Nature really puts wood siding to the test here in Colorado, making it hard to prevent water damage.  And bugs 
      wood siding (unfortunately).

That’s why so many of your neighbors – our delighted customers here at Colorado Siding Repair – are turning to the very-best in engineered wood siding: “SmartSide,” manufactured by LP Building Products.

When it’s time to bring your home back from a tough Colorado storm (hail, wind, or heavy precipitation) or simply to give your house a fresh, beautiful look with new wood siding look no further than Colorado Siding Repair for the very-best service and installation of LP SmartSide.

We put our customers first, keeping our key operating principle (Service Before Self) at the center of everything we do.  For proof of this, we invite you to check out our many enthusiastic five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere online.

Then give us a call?  We’d be delighted at the opportunity to show you all the many options available for your home (and your budget) and to help you achieve that “classic Colorado” wood-siding style you’re imagining\

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Don't Settle For Inferior Engineered Wood Siding

Not all engineered wood siding is created equal.

For instance, there are some cheap formulations out there which are created from a wet slurry of sawdust (leftovers from the furniture mill floor), glues, and additives (like zinc borate). This stuff is mixed together, pressed into sheets, and baked.

You might have seen the tell-tale signs of this type of engineered wood on the side of your neighbors’ homes (or, Heaven forbid, on your own house) it doesn’t take much Colorado weather to make this stuff break, crumble, and open your home to potential water damage.

LP SmartSide, by contrast, is manufactured completely differently.

LP Building Products uses a proprietary “SmartGuard” manufacturing process to make the toughest, longest-lasting engineered wood siding on the market.

For obvious reasons, LP Building Products won’t reveal to their competitors the exact specifications of the SmartGuard process but it suffices to say there’s real wood involved – renewably-sourced wood chips like young-growth aspen, as opposed to a heavy reliance on sawdust leftovers.

The Advantages of LP SmartSide

You simply can’t get a better engineered wood product for replacing the siding on your home.

It’s available in a good assortment of styles, types, and colors and it can be painted, if you ever want to change-up the look of your classic wood-sided home.

And LP SmartSide is amazingly tough and durable no other wood siding product stands up better to Colorado’s weather challenges.

SmartSide lasts a long time (saving you more money in the long term) and it’s incredibly resistant to both storms and pests.

And the price is right, too. LP SmartSide costs a little more than inferior engineered wood products, of course, but it’s surprisingly affordable overall (especially when you consider the long-term savings in maintenance costs).

It won’t break in the next hail storm and it won’t break the budget?