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Wood Siding

There is no question that the most classic siding style is wood. This siding has been used for a long time and is still a popular choice today. When the siding is well taken care of, it looks beautiful and timeless and can last for many years.

There are two major kinds of wood siding: Natural wood siding and composite wood siding. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. We want you to have all the facts to make the most informed decision and one that is best for you.

Natural Wood Siding

Natural wood siding has the classic look that so many other siding types try to imitate. It looks beautiful and rustic. Wood is a naturally durable and versatile building material which holds true for siding as well.

This siding is still popular because of its aesthetics and beauty. That is the biggest draw towards natural wood siding, especially if you live in the mountains and want your home to blend in with the surrounding nature.

Wood is an efficient natural insulator that offers great sound and thermal insulation. To make it even more energy efficient you can supplement it with insulation that is installed before the siding gets installed. Cedar siding is certainly a very eco-friendly siding option, which is one reason why some people prefer it over other siding materials.

The biggest disadvantage of wood siding is the amount of maintenance that it requires. Natural wood siding needs to be well maintained to look its best. The siding needs to be regularly stained and sealed to prevent deterioration and rot, usually at least every other year.

Another drawback is that natural wood siding is attractive to pests like termites. Even woodpeckers can damage your wood siding. It is also much more flammable than other siding materials, which is something to keep in mind, especially if your home is surrounded by trees.

The necessary maintenance adds to the overall cost. Natural wood siding, like cedar wood, is in of itself more expensive to install. If you add the maintenance cost it is definitely not an economic choice. However, if it is the classic look you want, we can certainly install cedar siding on your home.

Composite Wood Siding

If you want the look of wood siding but not its drawbacks, you should consider composite wood siding. Composite or engineered siding looks like natural wood siding but is more resistant to the elements of nature. LP SmartSide is such an engineered wood siding option.

Composite siding is manufactured by using wood strands or chips that are coated in wax and then combined with a resin binder, along with other ingredients. This combination makes the siding more resistant and durable.

Composite wood siding requires less maintenance than natural wood siding, which is a big advantage. To clean off dust and mildew you should use water, a mild soap, and a brush. Do not use a pressure washer on this siding. After cleaning it off, it can easily be repainted.

This siding also holds up very well to impact damage, such as hail damage, which is very important when you live in Colorado with its frequent hailstorms. It can also withstand windstorms and high wind gusts very well. Additionally, composite wood siding is more resistant to water and pest damage than cedar siding.

Another advantage composite wood siding has over natural wood siding is that is has a lower upfront cost. It is easier to install and less expensive to manufacture. Combined with the savings in maintenance, engineered wood siding is definitely the more cost-conscious option.

LP SmartSide composite wood siding is lighter than cedar wood siding. Despite it being lighter, this siding material is very durable. It can also be partially replaced, if necessary, which is very important and could save you a large amount of money. Not all engineered wood siding is of the same high quality and LP SmartSide is definitely the best composite wood siding on the market.

You can choose between different siding styles like shakes, laps, and panel profiles when you choose LP SmartSide. Additionally, there are some great color options available to you if you decide to have this siding installed. You can choose traditional wood colors or something that will stand out more, depending on your style and design preferences.

LP stands behind their high-quality products, which is why they are covered by great, industry-leading warranties. That way you can rest assured that this siding will last a long time and is protected. This engineered wood siding is truly a great option when you want the look of wood for your home without its disadvantages.

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