Hail Damage Restoration

Protect Your Home with Colorado Siding Repair

Do You Really Need a Full Siding Replacement?

Our team will install everything expertly and work meticulously, no matter which siding you pick. We can also take care of all your other exterior home needs at the same time, like replacing windows, installing insulation or painting the house. That way you can be sure everything gets done right by one trusted contractor.

Unfortunately, hail storms are a regular occurrence in Colorado, especially in the months from May to July. The Front Range usually sees hail a few times every year. The hail can do significant damage to siding, roof and cars. The resulting damage leaves everything pock-marked, dented and unsightly.

After the hail storm moves out, you are left with the damage and have to figure out what comes next. You will have to file an insurance claim and see if your siding can be repaired or needs to be completely replaced.

Colorado Siding Repair can help with all of that! We can guide you through the insurance claim process and will work with your insurance company during the entire process. We want to help you maximize what the insurance company will cover and pay for.

It is best to take care of damaged siding quickly after it occurs to avoid bigger problems in the future. If the siding is damaged it could allow moisture to leak through which can cause damage to the substrate as well as other damage. Best to act quickly and avoid further damage and more costly repairs. That way you can ensure the integrity of the building and make sure that your home is protected from the elements.

With our help you will get the most out of your insurance claim. That way you can get your siding repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Your home will look great and you can rest assured that it will not be damaged further but stand up to harsh weather.

Siding Repair, Partial Replacement and Full Replacement

Most often, if hail storms damage your home, they only damage part the house. That means that there is a chance you do not need to replace all of your siding. We will always give an honest appraisal and never try to talk you into a full replacement if it is not needed.

The team members from Colorado Siding Repair are experts in hail damaged siding repair. Unlike many other contractors, we offer siding repair or partial replacements as options, whenever possible. We do not just want to make another sale; we want to do what is best for you.

If at all possible and advisable, we will repair the hail damaged siding or replace just parts of it. That will likely save you thousands of dollars. We will make sure to match the new siding to the undamaged existing siding of your home. 

As part of the repair, we can replace the trim and other damaged parts of the home’s exterior. We can even paint the exterior of your home to create a matching look for the whole house. It will look great and coordinated when we are done.

If the hail damage is too severe or your siding so old that a repair or partial replacement is not possible, we will work with you and your budget to get you a full siding replacement. New siding will look great and we have many different options for you to choose from.

Some siding is more susceptible to hail and storm damage than other siding. A durable and long-lasting as well as beautiful siding is the James Hardie fiber cement siding. This siding also comes with a great warranty on both the product as well as the finish. Fiber cement siding stands up very well to harsh weather conditions like hail.

Picking new siding can feel overwhelming but it can also be exciting. We will go through all of your options with you and take the educational approach so that you can make an informed decision. You are sure to love the look of new siding on your home.

New siding will not only make your home look great it will also increase its curb appeal and resale value. The difference in how your home looks with hail damage versus how it will look with new siding will be astonishing.

We offer a wide variety of siding products to choose from. You can get very creative in regards to color, texture and styles, especially if you decide to go with James Hardie fiber cement siding. You can make the siding completely your own.

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