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Wood Windows

When it comes to windows, you have a few different choices in regards to the frame material, one of them being wood. Wood has been used as a building material, including for the window frames, for centuries. It is still a popular choice today and with good reason.

Wood look great, especially if you want to preserve the historical or rustic look of your home. Nothing looks as warm and classic as wood. Wood has a very aesthetically pleasing appearance that nothing can compete with.

As a material, wood is strong, light and moderately priced. Additionally, it is easily cut into a huge variety of shapes and profiles. Wood is also a natural, renewable resource, which is appealing.

Moreover, wood is naturally an effective insulator. When the windows are fitted correctly, they will keep the cool air in or out, depending on the season and temperature inside. The thermal performance of wood frames is outstanding.

The only drawback is that wood does need to be well maintained to keep looking great. The window frames do need to be sanded, painted and sealed regularly or they will become susceptible to water damage, which can lead to warping and rot. That being said, wooden window frames do look beautiful and will last indefinitely when well-taken care of.

Beautiful Wood Windows Styles

Most major brands offer wood windows, including Andersen and Pella. Wood windows, like windows made from other materials, come in various different styles and sizes. Often, the window frames are not just made out of wood but are wood-clad. These frames are not solid wood but are blended with other materials like aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass. 

The interior-facing part of the frame is made out of wood, which can be stained or painted to your taste and maintain the beautiful wood look. The exterior of the window is reenforced with other materials, to make it easier to maintain.

Wood-clad windows are able to resist the elements better. They offer the same great look but require less maintenance. Many manufacturers offer these wood-clad windows as an option. 

The most traditional styles for wood windows are double-hung and casement windows. Of course, other styles are also available, such as awnings, bay windows, sliders and picture windows. Custom windows are also always an option. 

Here a quick overview of the most common styles that are available with wood frames:

  1. Double Hung Windows: The two panels of the window are vertically arranged. Both top and bottom sashes operate. Mainly tilt options are available. This is the most common type of window. 
  2. Single Hung Windows: The bottom sash slides up vertically and the top panel is inoperable. This is also a very common window type.
  3. Casement Windows: They crank outward by hinging at the left or right side.
  4. Bay Windows: Three windows that project from the home with a fixed center window and side flankers that operate. These windows offer great views to the outside and are popular for living rooms and kitchens.
  5. Picture Windows: A non-venting or inoperable fixed window. Often, these are large single pane windows.
  6. Sliding Windows
    • Single Slider: One sash slides horizontally and the other side is inoperable.
    • Double Slider: Both sashes slide horizontally, passing each other.
    • 3-Lite Slider: Both the left and right sashes operate and slide horizontally past a middle-fixed sash.
  1. Awning Windows: Hinged at the top and cranks outward. They let air in without letting rain in.

Which style you choose will depend on the room, your style and the look you want to achieve. Different styles are better suited for some rooms than others.

You also have a number of choices when it comes to which kind of wood you would like. Fir and pine are very popular options. Oak, cherry and maple are also great materials for window frames. You can even get the premium wood mahogany for your window frames. 

Once you decide on which wood and style you want for your window frame, you have various choices regarding the hardware as well. This is purely a question of taste and design. You can also choose between single-, double-, or triple-paned windows. We are happy to walk you through all your options when picking your windows.

No matter if you choose wood or a different material for the frame, be sure to pick a good quality window. The better windows will offer you greater insulation, which will save you money over time and make your home more comfortable to live in.

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We never use high-pressure sales tactics but use an educational approach instead. We want to do what is right for you and provide you with the best service possible. Let us be your trusted window guide.

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